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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership gives you practical advice and godly wisdom as you reach out for support.

Table of Contents:

Accountability That Makes Sense
Here's how to find the line between legitimate and illegitimate accountability.
by Paul Cedar

Everybody Answers to Somebody
Why leaders must keep their staffs accountable.
by Steve Marr

How to Start an Accountability Group
Here's how to become accountable and grow in your Christian life.
by Christopher Easley

Soul Sisters
4 ways to foster spiritual friendships.
by Sally Miller

Doing Life Together
Looking for spiritual growth and emotional support? It may be as near as your neighborhood.
Jane Johnson Struck

It's All About Support
What kind of group do you really need?
by Annette Smith

Why I Resist Accountability
Four reason why I find accountability difficult.
by Louis McBurney

Accountability in Small Groups
Here's what the early Methodists have to teach us about practicing small-group accountability.

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