Affair-Proof Your Marriage



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership you?ll find the biblical wisdom and practical insights to help you affair proof your marriage.

Table of Contents:

Why Affairs Happpen
And what you need to know about prevention and recovery.
Cindy Crosby

Strategies to Keep from Failing
Start taking precautions to keep sexual immorality from happening to you.
Randy Alcorn

Reality Check
Don't let false assumptions drag your marriage down. Get a fresh start with these six truths.
Gary Chapman

Prevent Marital Drift
Want to be more in love tomorrow than you are today? The answer might be found in your past.
Tim Gardner

I Had an Affair
My husband wasn't making me happy so why not look elsewhere for intimacy?
Lyn Mackenzie

33 Ways to Love Your Spouse
Marriage Partnership readers share secrets for revving up the romance.
from the editors

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