Battling a Negative Self-Image



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership serves as a comprehensive guide to help you get a better view of yourself from a godly perspective.

Table of Contents:

Need a Confidence Boost?
Discover these secrets to liking yourself more.
by Verla Wallace

Move, Over, Cindy!
I have a thing or two to tell you about beauty.
by Rhonda Wheeler Stock

Being True to His Image
As a Christian, I'm learning to accept myself as God made me.
by Mayo Mathers

Makeover Mania
Real beauty doesn't come from a Botox injection.
by Margaret Feinberg

Humility's Many Faces
Everyone I've looked up to has shared one trait.
by Philip Yancey

Embarrassment's Perpetual Blush
Here's how the painful memories give us a unique opportunity.
by Frederica Mathewes-Green

I Don't Like Myself
How to 'find' better self-esteem.
by Jim Burns

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