Behind Closed Doors: Sally Morgenthaler's Story



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PDF This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership includes leadership wisdom from Sally Morgenthaler.

Table of Contents:

The Antidote for Darkness
The light of hope dawns through truth and mercy.
by Sally Morgenthaler

Embrace Your Now
It's time to live in unprecedented,unfettered honesty.
by Sally Morgenthaler

A More Soulful Religion
Am I really leading a dusty,spittle-mixed-with-dirt life?
by Sally Morgenthaler

The Audacity of Dreams (free sample)
As leaders, our best dreams call people to live their faith in the midst of the watching world.
by Sally Morgenthaler

Becoming Enough
Learning to say yes to God's unique calling on our lives.
by Sally Morgenthaler

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