The Emergent Church



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The emergent church is leading many Christians into conversation, questions, and answers that are both challenging and affirming. How do we understand the gospel? How do we present it in our culture? In this download, church leaders explore the emergent church movement.

Table of Contents:

The Emergent Mystique
The 'emerging church' movement has generated a lot of excitement but only a handful of congregations. Is it the wave of the future or a passing fancy?
Andy Crouch

Looking for Leaders
What does leadership look like in the emergent generation?
Angie Ward

Has the Emergent Church Emerged?
When the new becomes old hat.
Rob Moll

Emerging Values
The next generation is redefining spiritual formation, community, and mission.
Brian D. McLaren

Why I'm Not Emerging
5 critiques of the emerging church.
James MacDonald

Emergents, Meet Saints!
The wave of the future needs the wisdom of the past.
Chris Armstrong

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