How to Last as a Leader



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Successful people in all walks of life, whether they are artists, inventors, scientists, or executives, never lose the spirit of a learner. They are like trees: when the tree stops growing, the fruit starts to rot, says Dave Kraft in this resource.

Continual growth is one of several principles important to a lasting leader. This 24-page resource has articles that offer insights and practices to help you keep your ministry strong over time.

Table of Contents:

Your Life's Purpose Statement
Having a clear purpose can fuel your journey.
Dave Kraft

The Importance of Passion
Let your enthusiasm and joy become contagious.
Dave Kraft

The Leader's Priorities
Be intentional with what you do and don't do.
Dave Kraft

Measuring Your Pace
We don't all have the same capacity.
Dave Kraft

Keep Growing to Keep Going
The leader who continues to learn can continue to thrive.
Dave Kraft

Rejuvenation for Church Leaders
10 practical ways to refresh your soul.
Skye Jethani

Keeping Your Clock Ticking
A primer on the benefits and practices of solitude.
John Ortberg

The Discipline of Journaling
Why mapping your private world can bring your soul into focus.
Gordon MacDonald

When Power Tempts You
Forget money and sex. The real temptation is king me.
Gary Sinclair

When Doubt Comes
Discern when you're more vulnerable to doubt and how you can deal with it.
Alistair Brown

$ 14.99
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