Identifying and Developing New Leaders



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership provides the wisdom and practical insights you need to gain a better understanding of how to identify new leaders as well as support those who serve along with you.

Table of Contents:

Identifying New Leaders
Looking for tremendous gifts and abilities isn't always the best place to start.
Don Cousins

Finding the Fit
Here's how to open the doors to dynamic ministry.
Ron Oertli

Recruit and Support Volunteers
The effectiveness of any ministry rests on this.
Leith Anderson; Robert J. Morgan; and Fred Smith

Keeping Leaders Strong
These biblical figures teach us how to keep workers from stagnation, frustration, and burnout.
Robert J. Morgan

When Is a Broken Person Ready to Lead?
Here's what to look for.
Daniel Brown with Bob Moeller

Spotting a New Leader
Learn to distinguish between the skill of performance and the skill of leading the performance.
Fred Smith

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