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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership is designed to help you deal with the root of the issue so you can get on with appreciating your own gifts and blessings, and lose the discontentment that pushes jealousy to the surface.

Table of Contents:

Who, Me? Jealous?
Combatting the green-eyed monster at work.
Liz Curtis Higgs

Sometimes I'm Jealous of Others. How Can I Get Out of This Envy Trap?
Watch your mind?and your tongue.

The Upside of Envy
How to turn the green-eyed monster into a force for good.
Koren Wetmore

Seeing Green
Don't let envy color your view of life.
Nancy Beach

What Defines Significant?
How believing in the importance of what you do prevents envy.
Tim Bowman

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