Leaders & Depression



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership help care for the leader as she seeks rest for her heart, mind, and soul.

Table of Contents:

When a Leader's Depressed
Depression may bit by surprise, but there's help.
Art Greco

Dealing with Depression
First we must recognize the problem. Then we'll find the solutions.
Jeff M. Sellers

Journey through Spiritual Depression
Lessons from Elijah
Skip Heitzig

Making Peace with my Emotions
It took months of crying spells for me to realize I was depressed.
Nancy Stevens

My Night with Dennis Quaid
It had been a rough two weeks, but I finally had a smile on my face.
Kelli Trujillo

Dealing with Depression
Here's how others have made it through a dark night of the soul.

Does God Really Care?
You're not the only one who's struggled with depression
from ChristianBibleStudies.com

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