Leading a Small Group Bible Study



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This resource pack from Gifted for Leadership offers good stories and solid information to help anyone do better at leading a small group. Get practical advice from these experts to help you make the most of your small group leadership opportunity.

Table of Contents:

Doing Life Together
Looking for the spiritual growth and emotional support a circle of friends provides? It may be as near as your neighborhood.
Jane Johnson Struck

Building Deep Connections
Looking for a group that requires a higher commitment but builds deeper friendships? Try a 12 Women group.
Jane Johnson Struck

No More Mr. Nice Group
Five practices that take small groups beyond polite sharing to the disciplines that change lives.
John Ortberg

Confessions of a Small-Group Leader
A lay leader tells what he'll do differently the next time around.
Joe Higginbotham

Creating Good Discussion
Here's how one leader started, failed, but then discovered what makes discussion work.
Emory A. Griffin

Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer in Small Groups
A practical discussion on two countercultural methods of spiritual growth.

How to Start a Group
7 tips to convince worrywarts it can happen.
Jane Johnson Struck

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