Leading with Confidence



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God often calls us to do things that at the very least stretch our gifts or at the most force us to step out on faith in unknown territory, depending on God alone to equip us with what's needed for the tasks.

Table of Contents:

Following a Tough Call
When God stokes a passion that rocks your world.
Kirsten Strand

Hidden Treasure
What secret gifts and dreams has God tucked in your heart?
Liz Curtis Higgs

The Eighth Deadly Sin Revisited
Why leaders need to understand the sin of Fear.
Marshall Shelley

A Brave New Worldview
Trusting God in the twists and turns of life make us live confidently.
Ruth E. Van Reken

When Personal Growth Hurts
How pain pays off in leadership.
Clark Cothern

Need a Confidence Boost?
Discover these secrets to believing in your gifts.
Verla Wallace

Spying New Leaders
They may not step forward. Here's how to find the leaders you need.
Angela Yee

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