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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership is designed help you, as a Christian woman using leadership skills in the corporate world, get what you need to not only do your job better for your boss, shareholders, or those you lead and serve, but to do it better for God.

Table of Contents:

Looking to Christ for Identity, Security, and Leadership Models
Three women CEOs discuss what it means to reflect the humility of Christ from positions of power.
Kay Johnson

Where Are the Women Leaders?
An interview with Bonnie Wurzbacher, Vice President for Coca-Cola.
Nancy Lovell

Climbing the Corporate Web
How women business leaders are changing corporate structures.
Sally Morgenthaler

Developing a Business Plan and Strategy
It's the heart and soul that makes any business succeed.
Anita Carman

Workplace War with the Armor of God
What Scripture says about annoying co-workers.
Laura Polk

When Business Aims for Miracles
Minneapolis-St. Paul business professionals are some of the inner city's most effective social entrepreneurs.
Todd Svanhoe

Working Well with Men
What every woman needs to know.
Carla Barnhill

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