Listening to the Holy Spirit



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership helps you see what it means to lead in the power of the Holy Spirit and invites you to see if you are using the gifts the Spirit gives us.

Table of Contents:

The Accompanying Presence
His voice is still small, but you'll hear him if you listen.
interview with Bill Hybels

God's Talking to You!
Can you hear him!
by Virelle Kidder

Soul Health
You can't be fruitful if you neglect the Source.
by Mindy Caliguire

How Does Your Garden Grow
Lessons from a backyard flower bed.
by Susan M. Smith

A Better Fit
One size doesn't fit all or even most--or me.
by Jonalyn Grace Fincher

Ensuring Quality of Soul
An examination of the needs and motivations of a spiritual leader.
Gordon MacDonald

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