Living Your Faith at Work



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Work is our mission field and the work we do, the energy we bring to it, and the relationships we maintain at work all have the potential to glorify God. So it's important we have a clear understanding of our role in the workplace.

Table of Contents:

Work is a Sacred Trust
What is the true value of work?
Nancy Ortberg

Witnessing from Weakness at Work
What we aren't glorifies the One who is.
Caryn Rivadeneira

Gainfully Employed
Capture the value of vocation in an age of underemployment.
Melody Pugh

A Spiritual Growth Industry
More than ever, Christians are bringing faith to bear in the for-profit world.
Brad A. Greenburg

Rumor Has It?
Keep reading to get all the juicy details on avoiding office gossip.
Rhonda Wilson

What's a Good Way for Me to Share My Faith at Work?'
Try earning the respect of your coworkers.

How Can I Rise Above Office Politics?
Put yourself at risk if it will prevent harm to others.

Working 9 to 5
5 surprising ways you can survive--and thrive--in your job.
Verla Wallace

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