Making Teams Work



$ 14.99
What kinds of challenges do you face on your church boards and committees? Expectations that don't line up? Divisive decision making? Lack of accountability?

This 16-page training pack includes a variety of practical tips and suggestions to foster healthy team dynamics. Share it with anyone in your congregation who leads a team, or even entire teams. 

Table of Contents:

Clarifying Expectations
Effective teamwork begins with clear communication.
by Don Cousins

Reaching Better Team Decisions (free sample)
How to make important choices without dividing the group.
by Stephen Lim

Making the Most of Meetings
Suggestions for successful team gatherings.
by Don Cousins

Ministry Team Diagnostics
How to avoid the five most common dysfunctions of a ministry team.
by Nancy Ortberg

The Mixed-gender Team
How men and women can work in sync.
by Sarah Sumner

Communicating with a Volunteer Team
Follow these guidelines for keeping your workers up to speed.
by Promiseland

Leaving Room for Spiritual Gifts
A diverse team lets every member play to his or her strengths.
by Alan Hirsch

$ 14.99

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