Managing Conflict Well



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Most people don't like conflict?leaders included. We don't even like to say the "c" word, let alone deal with it. We try to avoid it at all costs. But whether we say it, or see it, or not?conflict is normal, and at times, necessary. In leadership, we just need to be ready for it.

Table of Contents:

The C Word
It took the hard way for me to learn the right way to handle confict.
Janine Petry

The Conversation You Dread
A constructive approach for those difficult conversations.
Denise Van Eck

Emotions of Conflict
Handle the most dangerous aspects from the inside out.
Richard Paul Minnich

Healthy Conflict Resolution
Techniques for success, from the expert.
Louis McBurney

Fight Right
7 ways to make family conflict work for you.
Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

A Crash Course in Conflict
3 principles leaders need to know.
Gary Fenton

6 Rules for a Fair Fight
Guidelines to handle conflict with confidence.
Edward G. Dobson, Speed B. Leas, and Marshall Shelley

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