Ministry to Domestic Violence Victims



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Whether you are a pastor, a women?s ministry leader, or a mentor, you will find this download to be useful as you try to help those in your care who are suffering from domestic abuse.

This 47-page resource will help you help women who are in abusive relationships.

Table of Contents:

Facing Abuse
JoHannah Reardon

Leader's Guide
How to use this download for a group study.

The Silent Epidemic
Countless Christian women are battered every day. Here?s how to respond if you or someone you love is abused.
Corrie Cutrer

When Domestic Violence Knocks
How to minister wisely when it shows up in your congregation.
Lou Reed

Why Not Leave Him?
Questioning the victim takes focus away from the real problem: the abuse.
Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

It's Not Your Fault
11 practical tips for ministering to those suffering from domestic violence.
JoHannah Reardon

Bullying in Marriage
What to do when your spouse is your bully.
Juli Slattery

But He Never Hit Me': A Christian Primer on Emotional Abuse
To answer the question, Christians must first understand the problem.
Jenny Rae Armstrong

Additional Resources
Articles, books, and Bible studies to help you further.

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