Preventing and Dealing with Sexual Abuse



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This resource from Gifted for Leadership serves those hoping to learn more about what their church can do to increase safety for children and improve their ministry to victims of abuse.

Table of Contents:

I Was Sexually Abused
But I'm finally healing from the pain of my past.
Joy Michaels

Sex Abuse: 'A Time of Justice'
A California congregation plays a critical role in the arrest of a sex abuser.
Corrie Curtrer

How the Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal Affects Evangelical Churches
Sin and secrecy aren't limited to Roman Catholics, say pastors and scholars
Ted Olsen and Todd Hertz

New Abuse Charges Rock Churches Each Week
Every week, 70 new child abuse accusations are made against churches?and most are Protestants.
Ted Olsen

Churches Must Recognize Threat of Youth Sexually Abusing Youth
Legal experts say rape, like in a recent ELCA case, is rare in youth ministry. But sex abuse by children against other children is a very real risk in other youth ministry.
Todd Hertz

Opening the Door to Healing
When childhood sexual abuse affects a marriage's intimacy.
Mary DeMuth

Safe at Church
5 ways to keep kids and your church safe from predators.
Beth J. Lueders

Indications of Sexual Abuse
What you need to look out for in victims of abuse.
Michael E. Phillips

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