Raising Up New Leaders



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership is designed to help you learn to develop those already around you as well as to spy out some potential new leaders.

Table of Contents:

Spying New Leaders
If they don't step forward, here's how to find the leaders you need.
Angela Yee

The Potential Around You
Pastor John Maxwell on the art of developing new leaders.
Ed Rowell

Growing Edge
How ministries can make an intentional, organized transition from staff-focused to lay-based.
Deana A. Nail

Unlikely Candidate
What do you do when no one seems qualified to lead?
Mark Jobe

Don't Call Me Leader
You can encourage reluctant people to grow into (shh!) leadership.
Carol Cartmill

One-Bullet Leaders
Determining what the novice does well, and training her to do it.
Clark Cothern

Turning Pew Sitters into Players
Marlene Wilson tells how it's done.
from the editors of Leadership Journal.

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