Recalibrating Your Marriage



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership offers you and your spouse?whether your marriage is in crisis or need of a simple tune up?the wisdom and encouragement to make your marriage a high priority again.

Table of Contents:

The List That Saved my Marriage
What an inventory of my husband's shortcomings taught me.
by Becky Zerbe

Second Chances
Clint and Penny Bragg learned even the most broken marriage can be healed by God's reconciling love.
by Dawn Zemke, Ginger Kolbaba, and Gary D. Chapman

Marital Drift
In pursuit of the good life, busy couples can let everything take priority over the two most important things: God and marriage. Author David Goetz discusses how to make sure that doesn't happen
by Ginger Kolbaba

Bounce Back!
The secrets to building resilience in your marriage.
by John H. Thurman Jr.

A Shelter from Winter Winds
When marriage moves into a cold season, there's still hope for spring
by Gary D. Chapman

Is Your Spouse Stressed?
9 things you can do to help.
by Donna Savage

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