Running the Race Well



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership gives readers tactics they need to run and finish well, and to encourage those they lead to do the same.

Table of Contents:

Becoming a Purpose-Filled Woman
Here's how to understand your place in this world.
Jane Johnson Struck

Just Gotta Have It
6 ways to help you develop cravings for God's Word.
by Katrina Baker

Life in the Fast Lane
How to keep from running yourself ragged.
by T. Suzanne Eller

Why Taking a Break Matters
I felt as if I'd been running this face forever, and running it in hip-deep mud.
by Rob Devens

Girl Power!
How to get a circle of friends.
by Camerin Courtney

Fixing Our Eyes on the Finish Line
Sore muscles and training are what got me there, strong until the finish.
by Autumn Flutur

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