Stewardship: A New View of Money



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership offers solid biblical guidance to help you put money in its proper place in your life.

Table of Contents:

Leaving Something for the Gleaners
What this instruction means for living generously.
Bev Murrill

Too Much of a Good Thing?
The secret to discovering when enough is enough.
Mayo Mathers

Jesus in Carhartts
How do we respond to obvious, yet unspoken, need?
Eileen Button

Credit Card Craze
A look at what we're really trying to buy--and how to be more intentional about spending.
Donna F. Savage

Money from Heaven
What will your church members do with their economic stimulus checks?
David Swanson

Balancing Your Money Mindset
How to make cash an asset to your marriage.
Gary D. Chapman

Financial First Aid
Five strategies for tackling debt and ministering to those in it.
from the editors of Leadership Journal.

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