Take Your Career from Drag to Joy



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership offers insights that will help you evaluate your current situation, introduce change, and interpret old problems through new lenses.

Table of Contents:

Thriving from 9 to 5
5 surprising ways you can survive--and thrive--in your job.
by Verla Wallace

The Fine Art of Rejuvenation
How 3 leaders renew the call when they're confused, tired, or just plain mad.
by Heidi Husted; Robena Hestenes; and Jim Coyl

Taking God's Keys
The keys of the kingdom also unlock the joys of your calling.
by Dallas Willard

Ministry's Fuel
Love must be our primary motivation.
by Craig Brian Larson

The Benefit of a Forced Exit
To find joy in ministry, I had to lose my job.
by Nancy Barton

Balancing Act
10 ways to determine the right blend of parenting and work for your family.
by Jane A.G. Kise

When Not to Leave
3 indicators that now is not the time.
by Paul Anderson

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