Why Modesty Matters



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In this downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership you?ll find the wisdom and practical insights you need to gain a better understanding of whatmodesty is and how it empowers women with newfound freedoms.

Table of Contents:

A Decent Proposal
How to take the high road in a low-rise, skin-is-in society.
Dannah Gresh

The Rise of Raunch
What's a Christian woman to do in today's hypersexed culture?
T. Suzanne Eller

Proud to Be Modest
Author Wendy Shalit rattles the female establishment with a hip appeal to tradition.
Lauren F. Winner

Rediscovering Holiness
If you think it's just a set of rules, you may be surprised.
Ruth E. Van Reken

Rebel Yell
The conference brochure said no pants, but my inner Bad Girl said, no way!
Liz Curtis Higgs

The Clothes Crisis
Skin-tight T-shirts and hip-slung jeans are the hallmarks of fashion for teen girls. Here's how you can help your daughter make choices that show off her heart, not her body.
Dannah Gresh

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