Women of Integrity



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This downloadable packet from Gifted for Leadership guides you as you seek the highest levels of personal integrity so you can continue in safe, effective service.

Table of Contents:

A Woman of Integrity
It's our godly character that matters most to the people we lead.
Carla Barnhill

Rediscovering Holiness
If you think it's just a set of rules, you may be surprised.
Ruth E. Van Reken

The Extra Mile of Integrity
It's not enough to be true to myself and God alone.
Paul Cedar

Maintaining Integrity Under Pressure
Are power and leadership things I use only as a way of serving Christ?
Mark Hatfield

Promises, Promises
How to make good on all those good intentions.
Elizabeth Cody Newenhuyse

Pssst! I've Got a Secret?
Blabbing can be good for you--here's why.
Karen Scalf Linamen

Reality Check
I thought I'd been a Christian for years, but was I really following God?
Myra Langley Johnson

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