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This downloadable resource from Gifted for Leadership will equip you to think deeply about worship styles and their effect on the way we understand God. To consider worship generally, or to reflect on worhsip styles and the congregational dynamics they create, look into this download.

Table of Contents:

The Gift of Worship
Honoring the receiver is what it's all about
Marshall Shelley

The United State of Worship
Praise and worship music is booming in popularity?and bringing together Christians of all stripes and colors.
Bob Liparulo

Beyond Sermons and Songs
Why experiential worship isn't enough.
David Fitch

Traditional vs. Contemporary
How does a pastor help his or her congregation through an identity crisis without blowing apart the church?
Wayne Brouwer

Pastoral Responses
Two pastors reply to a church in crisis.
David Fisher and Speed Leas

What Actually Happened
A response to the commentators and explanation of how the situation was resolved.
Wayne Brouwer

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