Telling the Whole Story



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Our tendency is to shield children from the painful stories of the Bible. We don't want kids to experience feelings like anxiety or fear at church. So we feel as if we must "pretty-up" many of the stories we tell. As children's ministers, we are called to bring the message of hope that is ours as Christians?that God has power over evil; that we are each a part of God's beautiful, redemptive story; that though pain and sorrow will come, God is faithful; that though we hear about the crucifixion now, the Resurrection is coming. If we do not tell the difficult stories contained in Scripture within the walls of the church, then we are not equipping children to find God in their own pain at home, at school, or wherever they may encounter difficulties.

This 20-page resource will explain the whys and wherefores of telling the whole story and offer practical help for doing so.

Table of Contents:

An Explanation and Rationale
What we're talking about and why it's important.
Amy O'Brien

The Challenges of Telling Difficult Stories
What are we up against?
Amy O'Brien

Why We Tell Watered-Down Stories
The reasons behind our tendency to leave out some parts of the story.
Amy O'Brien

Relationship Building
A great benefit of this method is that it can lead to deeper relationships with kids.
Amy O'Brien

How to Tell a Good Story
Some tips, guidelines, and cautions.
Amy O'Brien

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