Building Church Leaders is produced by Christianity Today, and provides customizable leadership resources for every kind of church ministry.

Our downloadable, easy-to-use Training Tools provide everything you need to prepare a relevant training session in a matter of minutes. Each resource is designed with church boards, committees, staff, or volunteers in mind. You select the topical tool that fits what you want to accomplish, download it, make copies if needed, and lead a discussion with your team or use them for your own personal development.

Whether it’s continuing education or an urgent need, Building Church Leaders provides the best practical ministry insights to help grow leaders into greater Kingdom impact.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Getting Started

Collections of handouts designed to help you and your leadership team measure where you are in different areas and develop goals based on your results.

Best Church Practices
Need new church forms and policies, but don't want to create them from scratch? Now you can download the best forms and policies from a variety of churches and denominations, customize them to suit your ministry needs, and print out the copies you need.

Hilarious cartoons written by church leaders, for church leaders, that help you and your team laugh about church life. Each cartoon can be cut and pasted into your newsletters, bulletins, or presentations.

Case Studies
Real-life, common church situations built to invite your team's discussion. Your leaders will be better prepared to analyze problems and make effective decisions for your church in the future.

Church Administration
Use these resources, adapted from Church Law and Tax materials, to safeguard your church physically, legally, and practically.

Orientation Guides
Give new staff members and volunteers guidelines for their specific duties, or give a refresher to those who've already been serving loyally.

Practical Ministry Skills
Practical how-to handouts that accelerate the training process for church leaders and volunteers who take on new responsibilities. These include checklists and step-by-step strategies offered from seasoned leaders.

Survival Guides
For urgent needs or big decisions at church, these guides give you immediate professional and technical advice when you don't have the time for extensive research.

Training Themes
Each Training Theme gives you 12 to 16 professionally designed handouts: assessments, case studies, devotionals, Bible studies, activities, how-to articles, and more to plan your next training session, meeting, or retreat. All the information you need is prepackaged and ready for you to copy and distribute.

Urgent Care Tools
When crisis strikes, these useful tools provide specific steps to take, talking points, and even case studies from other leaders who've faced similar difficult situations. These are designed to get you through, or help you prepare for, the toughest and most sensitive times in your church.

Worship Essentials
Maximize the worship experience for your church and minimize the planning difficulty for you and your staff with these guides. Get best practices, forms, and advice on a variety of aspects of the worship service, such as music and other arts, sound and lighting, stage presentation, and more.

Role-Related Content

Children's Ministry
Use these tools to develop and equip the leaders and volunteers in your children's ministry. Your ministry leader can download these tools, copy them, and lead a training session with little time or effort.

Women Leaders
Women in the church will appreciate these tools designed to deal with the specific needs of female leaders in the church, from garnering respect to balancing church and family duties. These tools can be used just like other training guides—just copy and distribute or use for your personal growth.

Small-Groups Ministry
These training tools help your small-group leaders plan and lead meetings, as well as improve the organization of this special ministry and handle issues when they arise.

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