Creating a Multi-Site Church



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Your church wants to reach more people for Jesus Christ, but how do you do this most effectively? You have facility limitations, finite resources, or you can't find the right worship format, so what's the solution? Explore the concept of multi-site ministry through these brief and practical handouts.

Table of Contents:

What Is a Multi-Site Church?
One church meeting in multiple locations can reproduce its impact exponentially.
Dave Ferguson

God First, and Then a Vision
When we get the order right, watch what God does through us!
Dave Ferguson

Speak the Language of Unity
Language matters from the very beginning of the multi-site journey.
Jon Ferguson

Financing a Multi-Site Church
Sufficiency and timing are crucial for a healthy start.
Dave Ferguson

The Campus Pastor: The Face of the Place
On-site leadership needs to be specific, personal, and willing to take ownership.
Jon Ferguson

The Importance of Developing Leaders
You can?t have reproducing congregations without new leaders.
Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson

Calling All Artists!
Recruit and encourage the creative people you already have--and attract more.
Jon Ferguson

Lessons from the Small Group
Most of what one needs to know about multi-site churches can be learned from small groups.
Jon Ferguson

Align the Entire Church
Churches don?t work well as separate parts, each doing its own thing.
Dave Ferguson

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