Adult Sunday School Teacher Orientation Guide



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A resource to help you provide orientation and basic training to men and women involved in adult education and discipleship.

Table of Contents:

Informed, But Not Transformed
Those who teach have a higher calling than simply to transfer information.
Brian McLaren

What Makes a Good Teacher?
Teachers who succeed have godly characters and the desire to transform students.
Lee A. Dean

Advice From an Experienced Leader
Adult education teachers should know the Lord, their craft, and their students.
Interview with Ryan Pazdur

Sample Job Description

What Adults Are Looking For
Four characteristics of adult education that will change the way you deliver a lesson.
Roberta Hestenes

Adaptive Teaching
Great teachers give attention to the little things that make for a valuable learning experience.
Roberta Hestenes

Teaching a Mixed Class
Both young and old Christians have the same need: a fresh encounter with God's Word.
Earl Palmer

Teaching That Connects
Tips for communicating truth that will change lives.
Interview with Nancy Ortberg
$ 9.99

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