Adapting for Small or Start-up Ministries (Children's Ministry)



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When you try to build a children's ministry in a small or new church, you face unique obstacles. You might not have any volunteers in place. You might be meeting in a rented facility. Your favorite curriculum might assume you have more resources than are available. You don't, however, have to compromise your vision for life-impacting ministry. A few creative adaptations can enable your ministry to flourish, regardless of the size or status of your church.

This tool is adapted from "Big Challenges of a Small or Start-up Ministry," a Promiseland Conference workshop by Nancy Rose. Promiseland is a ministry of the Willow Creek Association.

Table of Contents:

Adapting Operations
Without the budget or staff to take care of the details, ask the congregation to help.
Nancy Rose

Adapting Volunteer Life
No matter how large or small the ministry, it still all depends on volunteers.
Nancy Rose

Adapting Curriculum
You?ll likely be frustrated unless you make the curriculum work for you.
Nancy Rose

Adapting Programming
Large group programs don't have to be funded well to be effective.
Nancy Rose

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