Adapting to Different Learning Styles



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Learning is not an easily diagrammed 1-2-3-4 process, says Marlene LeFever in this training tool. "God was much more creative when he crafted our minds. Each of us learns best in a pattern that is uniquely ours."

The children's and adult education programs in our churches will be more effective when we embrace this reality. We must try to teach in the ways that our congregants can learn. This resource can help you understand the range of learning styles out there, and how that should shape your church's teaching.

Table of Contents:

Individual Learning Styles
Great teaching matches truth with the ways people learn best.
by Penny Zettler

Style Matters for Children
Use the individual learning approaches of children to inspire spiritual growth.
by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

Making New Methods Work
Now that you know about the four learning styles, how can you adapt them to a class?
by Penny Zettler

Matching Technique to Learning Style
Ask these questions to keep your methods from turning into gimmicks.
by Roberta Hestenes

Special Kids Deserve Special Attention
Use teachers and volunteers to make key connections with the kids and their parents.
by William Gullick

We Don't All Learn Alike
Students learn in multiple ways, which means that teachers have to vary their approaches.
by Marlene LeFever

Helping Parents
The church can take important steps in support of moms and dads with ADD/ADHD children.
by Marlene LeFever

Learning Disabilities Checklist
Clues for detection and tips to create a great learning environment for all kids.
by Jim Pierson

$ 14.99

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