Accountability for Church Leaders



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Leaders should never serve without a support structure, without others to help them maintain their focus, their purity, and the characteristics that make them eligible to lead in the church. This download is full of practical advice for building up these relationships in your church and on your teams.

Table of Contents:

Counter-Cultural Accountability
Western culture discourages accountability, but the gospel demands it.
David Augsburger

Establishing Boundaries
Determine how--and to whom--you need to be accountable.
Paul Cedar

Creating Opportunities
Actively seek avenues for constructive accountability.
Heidi Husted

Developing Accountability Friendships
Work an intentional accountability relationship into your schedule.
Gary Downing

Pursuing Accountability Within Friendships
How three busy leaders prioritize their no-holds-barred friendship.
interview with Scotty Smith, Scott Roley, and Michael Card

How to Form an Accountability Group
Follow these steps for establishing an accountability group.
Christopher Easley
How to Conduct an Accountability Group
Ensure that your group includes the necessary elements.
Christopher Easley

$ 14.99

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