Assess the Authenticity of Your Women's Ministry


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Women’s ministry too often revolves around events that end up being more of a party than a vehicle for life-change. Transformation can only come as women have the chance to get to know each other and trust each other enough to admit our failings. But to do that, we have to learn to be honest about our struggles.

In this downloadable resource from Gifted for Leadership, you will find the balance of leadership and vulnerability and begin to get a better picture of how you and your women’s ministry need to grow and change.

Table of Contents:

Honesty in Women's Ministry.
JoHannah Reardon

Leader's Guide
How to use this assessment pack for a group study.

Be Honest: You Don't Have It All Together
And you don’t have to.
Tracey Bianchi

Staged Authenticity
You’ll lose your hearers if "honest" communication becomes cliché.
Tony Kriz

God Doesn't Want Our Good Behavior
He sees through the tactics we use to make ourselves look good.
Janelle Alberts

Can I Follow You As I Follow Christ?
People don’t want to hear your words; they want to see your actions.
Carmille L. Akande

Giving Grace Away
Hero or thief, I need the power of confession.
Hannah Farver

Dare to Lead From Healing
We don’t have to have it all together to lead.

Additional Resources
Articles, books, and Bible studies to help you further.

$ 7.99

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