Help Young Women Navigate Dating



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Whether you are a pastor, a women's ministry leader, a mentor, or a mother, you will find this download to be useful as you try to help those in your care. Each article looks at a different aspect of dating and gives you a platform to talk to those who are looking to you for wisdom.

This 38-page resource will help you encourage young women to make good, sound decisions that will bring them joy rather than sorrow in their futures.

Table of Contents:

Guiding Those In Your Care
JoHannah Reardon

Leader's Guide
How to use this download for a group study.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Date
Ever wish you could predict ahead of time whether or not a relationship will work out? These questions help.
Diane Eble

Advice from Gary Thomas
What does the Christian culture get wrong when it comes to dating and relationships? We asked a bestselling Christian marriage and relationship expert.
Daniel Darling

How Far Is Too Far?
Setting boundaries on intimacy.
Juli Slattery

We're Just Not That Into Him
Are Christians too quick to judge their friends' relationships?
Leilani Mueller

Is There a Christian Formula for Online Dating?
Trusting God after listing, praying, and searching the web for my Mr. Right.
Anna Broadway

Why Living Together Isn't a Test-Run for Marriage
Research shows how cohabitation sabotages lifelong intimacy.
Juli Slattery

$ 7.99

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