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Church discipline can be gut wrenching, but it's an inevitable part of ministry. The Bible has guidelines for how to handle discipline when conflict arises or sin emerges.

Download these six articles from Leadership journal to get the why, how, when, and where concerning church discipline. These articles will help your team understand what the Bible says about discipline. You'll get tips for appropriately handling issues that arise in order to keep a healthy church.

Table of Contents:

Church Discipline Really Works
When you make it loving and redemptive.
an interview with Ken Sande of Peacemaker Ministries

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Church
Though Methodism thrived on big crowds, its survival depended on the discipline of small groups.
Charles Edward White

The Day Our Church Repented
What a solemn assembly is, and how it might restore a spirit of peace to your church.
Edward K. Rowell

Tangling with Wolves
Why we still need heresy trials.
Chris Armstrong

When You Need to Motivate--or Correct
With the right people in the right positions to begin with, you are less likely to have to correct.
Leith Anderson

Why We Disciplined Half Our Church
We lose something important if church membership becomes meaningless.
Mark E. Dever

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