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Editor's Note: This Assessment Pack is available for a limited time as a free sample download.  We hope you find it useful in your ministry efforts.

What does it look like for a disciple to be "fully trained" (Luke 6:40)?

The first assessment in this 17-page pack can help you clarify what to aim for as you disciple people in your church. The rest of these assessments can help you evaluate how different aspects of your church's life and ministry might be facilitating or hindering people's growth in Christlikeness.

Table of Contents:

The Marks of a Fully Trained Disciple
Knowledge, faith, character, and action are the evidence.
Dr. Andrew M. Davis

Four Planes of Discipleship
Think personal, corporate, local, and global.
Dr. Andrew M. Davis and Ron Halbrooks

The Way We Change
Foster a biblical attitude toward spiritual formation in your church.
John Ortberg

The Stages of Disciple-making
Do your ministries address each stage?
Dean Ridings

Spiritual Maturity Comes in Relationships
Is your church fostering humility and authenticity?
Larry Crabb

Rule of Life
Are your leaders setting the tone for disciple-making?
Keith Meyer

Time-Tested Methods of Discipleship
Learn from Wesley, Baxter, and Luther.
Bruce L. Shelley

More Than Just a Bible Study
Three common obstacles to life change.
JoHannah Reardon

Our Church's Support for Mentoring
How well are we providing the 5 essentials for mentoring?
Wayne Schmidt

$ 9.99 $ 0.00

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