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Ministry as a Single Woman Is Tough.

It’s often said that ministry is difficult and lonely. When you add on being a single woman, though, ministry can feel impossible to navigate. Who do you go to for support? How do you date while leading in the church? And how do you respond to those well-intentioned yet discouraging comments you receive from people in your church?

The church often acts as though marriage is the highest goal in life, while at the same time quoting Jesus and Paul—both singles in ministry. This messaging is pervasive within the church, even if it’s unintentional. Despite this—and perhaps precisely because of this—the church needs single women in ministry. With the increasing number of singles in the church (some reports say over half of adults are now single), we need single women to advocate for other singles, share their experiences, and model healthy singleness. Plus, single or not, we all gain by hearing and learning from the experiences of single women.

To be able to do that, though, single women in ministry need some guidance on navigating the tricky parts of ministering as a single. This training resource from is designed to provide you with specific tips and strategies to overcome some of the more difficult parts of ministry for single women.

Included you’ll find the following articles with accompanying reflection questions:

Pastoring While Single
The challenge and beauty of navigating ministry alone.
Chi Chi Okwu

Why Singles Belong in Church Leadership
Unmarried ministers offer something unique that the church needs.
Lore Ferguson Wilbert

You Are Enough
Singleness doesn’t make you any less of a leader.
Chi Chi Okwu

Ministry in a Family-Centric Church
Yes, singles can minister to families and couples.
Stephanie O’Brien

Build a Community of Friends
Investing in a chosen family is crucial for single women in ministry.
Laura Leonard

Rhythms of Rest
Practicing Sabbath as a single woman in ministry.
Rachel Wassink

All the Single (Preacher) Ladies
How to handle dating when you’re leading in the church.
Tiffany Thomas

$ 7.99
NOTE: Due to arrangements with content providers, this tool isn't offered as part of the BCL membership.

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