Starting Another Service



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Is your church thinking about starting another service? Are you in need of some advice for the process ahead?

These seven articles from Leadership journal give you guidelines for starting another service, the advantages and possible hazards, and testimonies of what worked and didn't work for those who have been through it. Also, learn more about the growing options of off-site and video services.

Table of Contents:

Selling Another Service
How to avoid the hazards while reaching a whole new crowd.
W. Charles Arn

Making the Second Service Different
Offering alternatives to people with differing needs.
W. Charles Arn

Does Our Worship Add Up?
10 elements to evaluate.
W. Charles Arn

8 Ways to Make a Service Guest-Friendly
Small changes that can make a big impact.
David W. Miller

Testing Out a Second Service
A testimony of the complicated, but necessary process.
Gilford Bisjak Jr.

Start Another Service Off-Site
Multi-site churches start services where people are.
Dave Ferguson

Adding Services by Video
As churches experiment with preaching on video, what are we learning?
Eric Reed

$ 7.99

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