Adult Education Best Practices



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Need help casting the vision for your church's adult Sunday school and education programs? Want to give your teachers clearer direction and tools to grow their skills?

These descriptions and forms will help church administrators, pastors, and educators to document the different facets of adult education. With these pieces in place, your church can provide focus and power to every teachable moment, wherever it occurs.

Table of Contents:

Planning and Leading Adult Education
Help your congregation pursue wisdom and knowledge with great teachers and activities.
by Lee A. Dean

Adult Education Purpose and Mission Statement

Adult Education Committee Goals and Responsibilities

Adult Education Operations Policy

Adult Education Goals and Objectives

Adult Education Interest Survey

Adult Education Calendar Checklist

Position Description: Adult Education Superintendent

Position Description: Adult Education Teacher

Adult Education Teacher Application

Adult Education Covenant

Core Classes and Electives

Lesson Plan

Teacher Self-Evaluation

Teacher Observation Form

Guidelines for Adult Education Teachers

Best Practices for Adult Education
$ 14.99

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