Assessment Pack: Reaching Every Generation



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In some churches, the attempt to support the unity of the church and unity in families has given birth to a ministry paradigm called intergenerational ministry. How well does your church (and its leaders) understand and practice the major principles of this important ministry? Use these assessments to bridge some generational gaps in your services, atmosphere, and classes. Look at your church from a bird's eye view, or to dive into the details of a ministry that integrates seniors, youth, and everyone in between.

Table of Contents:

Connecting the Generations
How intentional is our church at conducting ministry activities to build bridges?
Leadership Journal

Reaching Multiple Generations
Flexibility and adaptability are crucial to connect with the widest audience.
Michael Lewis

Still Willing to Build
Our oldest church members stand ready to contribute to the Kingdom of God.
Robert Warren, Jared Gerig, and John Cottone

Welcoming Young Leaders
The next generation does not see leadership the same way as the older generation.
Jim Schmotzer

Women of All Ages
Designing effective ministry means reaching younger, older, and in-between
Naomie Gaede-Penner

Pipe Organs, Guitars, or Gregorian Chants?
Approach issues other than generational preference in picking worship music styles.
Garth Bolinder

Many Generations, One Classroom
Intergenerational learning offers great opportunities for families to grow.
Douglas Bartz

Young People, Tough Questions
Dealing with their real concerns gives our message more credibility.
Rick Richardson

$ 9.99

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