Assessment Pack: Giving Help to the Hurting



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There's likely a lot of hurting people in your congregation and community--some are obvious because they're chronically wounded and needy, and others not so obvious because they hold back their feelings.

Is your church reaching out to those who hurt? Have you asked yourself lately who you can lend a helping hand to, and how you can support them? These nine assessments will help your team measure how you're giving help to the hurting people around you. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they're easy to print, copy, and hand out.

Table of Contents:

Are We Developing Healthy Christians?
To really help others, we need to make sure we are a healthy church.
Roger Jenks

Are We Really Helping People?
Use these principles to evaluate if you are helping the hurting.
Barry Black, Dave Gibbons, Bryan Anderson, Larry Zahn, and Linda Wurzbacher

How to Become a Fully Functioning Christian
Begin to move into emotional health.
Erwin R. McManus

How to View the Chronically Wounded and Needy
What can you do for a member with an unending string of personal problems?
Mathew Woodley

Identifying Areas of Need
Find ways to help the hurting.
editors of Christianity Today

Help Your Congregation Minister to the Hurting
Attenders become disciples when they minister to hurting people.
Charles Roesel

How to Help the Wounded Who Minister
Help the hurting heal enough to help others.
Daniel Brown with Bob Moeller

Should We Start a Support Group?
Use this tool to decide whether to start a support group.
Randy Christian

How to Measure a Ministry
It helps to note what Jesus measures.
Tim Bowman

$ 9.99

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