Being a Counter-cultural Church



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I think that some Christians are afraid of being too critical of conventional cultural trends out of a fear of being (or being perceived to be) legalistic, says Ken Myers. But, as he later points out, "Endorsing a cultural trend is no less a judgment than criticizing it."

Everyday Christians are endorsing cultural trends both good and bad without realizing it. This 48-page resource is designed to help churches see and resist the values of our culture that do not honor God. Eugene Peterson, Ken Myers, and others offer keen insights on a variety of issues, including generational splits, consumerism, authenticity, meals, time management, and sleep.

Table of Contents:

Culture Isn't Neutral
The church cannot assume that any contemporary cultural form is acceptable.
Ken Myers

Crafting a Way of Life
We must be more attentive to our cultural biases.
interview with Ken Myers

Eyeing the Cultural Lies
Questioning some common assumptions about ministry.
interview with Eugene Peterson

Controlling Our Desires
Beware the pitfalls of consumerism.
Skye Jethani

Here We Are to Worship
Six principles to help discern how worship should and shouldn't reflect today's culture.
Brad Harper and Paul Louis Metzger

Choosing Celibacy
We must stop thinking of singleness as a problem.
Marcy Hintz

For Shame
Christians should welcome, rather than stigmatize, unwed mothers and their children.
Amy Laura Hall

Sleep Therapy
The small, if challenging, task of becoming better rested.
Lauren Winner

$ 7.99

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