Assessment Pack: Are We Ready for Change?



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How do you know if your church is ready for change, or if it needs to? This collection of assessments helps you and your leaders make these decisions. Use these tools to figure out of your church need change, if you're ready for it, how to present it, and how to make it happen. You can also think through and identify any risk factors you may face in the change process.

Table of Contents:

Nine Changes in Church Staffs
Today's church staffs must adapt to shifting church expectations and cultural dynamics.
Lyle Schaller

Adapting to Your Church's Community
Assess the surrounding culture to see how your church might change.
Raymond Bakke

Is Our Team Ready for Change?
A step-by-step checklist that helps bring change, rather than misunderstanding.
Donald Seibert

Presenting New Ideas
Do we introduce and implement change well?
Craig Brian Larson

High-Stakes Gamble
Leaders need to take stock of the trust they've built before making changes.
Leith Anderson

Before You Risk a Change
In ministry, risks must be taken, but be sure to ask these five questions first.
Larry Osborne

Breathing Life into the Traditional Church
Ten ways a church can integrate creativity without toppling tradition.
James Rose

The Insider's Guide to Making Changes
A church's leadership must understand the magnitude of any change.
Harold Glen Brown

$ 9.99

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