Children's Curriculum: How to Read the Bible



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As a curriculum for middle school students, "How to Read the Bible" clearly explains the different genres of God's Word so kids can better understand what they're reading and how to apply it to their daily lives. With examples and anecdotes all middle school students can relate to, this kid-friendly hermeneutics will help the ancient Scriptures come alive in new and exciting ways. And hands-on Bible studies flesh out and reinforce the principles being explored and taught. While this flexible curriculum can be given to highly motivated students for personal study, it's perfect for use in a small or large group setting. "How to Read the Bible" can also be a helpful supplement for your current catechism or Sunday school materials.

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Table of Contents:

Session One
What's Hermeneutics? It's Not About Me?!

Session Two
Taking Off Your Glasses

Session Three
Meaning Comes From the Top Down.

Session Four
What's a Genre?

Session Five
Old Testament Genres Narratives, Law

Session Six
Old Testament Genres Psalms, Proverbs, Prophecy

Session Seven
New Testament Genres Gospels, Parables

Session Eight
New Testament Genres Acts, Epistles, Revelation

Session Nine
The (Really, Really) BIG Picture

$ 14.99

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