Creatively Solving Facility Limitations: Children's Ministry



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Children's ministries often experience rapid change while finding themselves inhibited by a static facility. If your ministry is growing or you're changing your model of teaching, and you're experiencing space limitations, a dose of creative thinking may be your best immediate answer. Get a copy of your space's floor plan or blueprint to explore some creative ways to move your ministry forward without letting your building stop you.

This tool is adapted from '"Creative Spaces: Overcoming Facility Challenges" a PromiseLand Conference workshop by Gary Strudler. PromiseLand is a ministry of the Willow Creek Association.

Table of Contents:

Productive Dissatisfaction
Before assuming more space is the answer, identify what you actually need.
Gary Strudler

Using Dreams to Improve Reality
Break your mind free from your present problems by imagining your potential.
Gary Strudler

Breaking Creativity Out of the Box
What happens when you break all the rules? New solutions emerge.
Gary Strudler

Evaluating Creative Options
Creative can be exciting, but discernment according to values is key.
Gary Strudler

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