Developing a Volunteer Creative Team



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A creative team develops the drama, music, teaching, art, and other creative elements of your large group presentations. This team is a microcosm of the church as a whole: gifted people empowered by God to serve in their areas of their gifting--at least when it's working properly. But the freedom to be creative, and the ability to remain God-centered in the process, often deteriorates without careful leadership. A few key strategies can help you mold this team of creative personalities into an effective, efficient group, focused on God and free to be creative

Table of Contents:

How to Find the Right People
Building a creative team begins with identifying the best candidates.
by Lori Salomo

How to Foster Creativity
A safe and affirming environment encourages creativity.
by Lori Salomo

How to Keep the Team Focused on God
The impact of your creative presentation is only as meaningful as its foundation.
by Lori Salomo

How to Organize the Team's Efforts
Creativity needs someone to channel it toward effectiveness.
by Lori Salomo

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