Fresh Ideas for Children's Ministry



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Children's ministry should be one of the most fun and exiting ministries in your church, right? But sometimes ministries lose momentum after years of doing them the same way. Volunteers grow tired. And in a society where children are inundated with '"child-friendly" experiences at school and the mall, even the kids can grow bored with child-targeted programs. What do you do when you need a fresh wind to breathe new life into your ministry? To make it exciting again? The idea sparkers, creativity, and intentional prayer contained in these materials may hold the keys to renewing the vitality and effectiveness of your children's ministry.

Table of Contents:

Preparing the Fields for Freshness
Ask, seek, and expect God to open new doors in your ministry.
by Amy Dolan

Fresh Ideas for Reaching Parents
Refocusing on parents leads to renewal of vision.
by Amy Dolan

Fresh Ideas for Reaching Children
What would it take to put a sparkle back in their eyes?
by Amy Dolan

Fresh Ideas for Reaching Volunteers
Volunteer recruitment freshens up with a fresh batch of enthusiasm.
by Amy Dolan

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