Children's Ministry: Kids and Church



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You'll probably have phases where your children don't want to go to church. They'll throw tantrums or be "too tired," or church will be "too boring." In this guide, you'll find creative ways to help your kids pay attention and enjoy church. Hopefully the tips found here will improve church for your entire family.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Going through a Good Phase
As far as seasons of church-going with kids are concerned, my family's enjoying a good one. But being prepared with this great resource will help the summer of church-going continue.
Caryn Rivadeneira

Kids in Church
Sure they squirm, giggle, talk, and wiggle, but including your children in the worship service is worth the distraction. Here's how to help them stay tuned in.
Michelle Leise

Busy Bodies
Doing a little work ahead of time will help church go more smoothly and in time lead to better behaved children. Try these ideas and make up some of your own.
Michelle Leise

Purpose-Driven Pew Games
These 5 fun games will not only help your children make it through the service, they'll help make church an enjoyable part of daily life your whole family can share.
Barb Jenista and Sue Miholer

Safety Check
Just because it's church doesn't mean you always feel great about dropping your kids off for a program there. Here's everything you need to know about keeping your kids safe at church.
Brad Lewis

Sunday Morning Showdown
What to do when you hear, I don't wanna go to church!
Rhonda Rhea

Sunday School Report Card
How does your program measure up?
Brad Lewis

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