Building a Multi-site Children's Ministry



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This training theme, based upon a session offered at the Promiseland conference, is designed to provide a collection of ideas and advice that will help children's pastors, leaders, and volunteers replicate their children's ministries at multiple sites. There are many issues to consider, and the ability to reproduce every aspect of these ministries is the key to success in multi-site churches.

Table of Contents:

DNA: Know What You Want to Reproduce
Discover the building blocks of your ministry.
Tammy Melchien

Create Reproducible Programming
Determine what programs are essential.
Tammy Melchien

Reproduce Leaders and Artists
Create a culture that depends on the gifts of volunteers.
Tammy Melchien

Adapt the Staffing Model
Consider how staffing needs change as a church expands to multiple sites.
Tammy Melchien

Decide How the Sites Will Align
Determine what all campuses need to have in common.
Tammy Melchien

Create Flexible Systems
Consider how to adapt administrative systems for different sites.
Tammy Melchien

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